Jonas Bandi | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Zurich 2019
on Tuesday 19 March

Jonas Bandi is a freelance developer, consultant, and trainer. His current passion lies in bringing modern frontend development to traditional enterprise projects.

Coming from a Java & .NET background he is now primarily working with JavaScript, Angular & React. Jonas is currently building the web-stack for a leading wholesale supply company in Switzerland.

In the past years, he shared his knowledge in dozens of in-house workshops at companies all over Switzerland. Jonas is also a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences (BFH) in Bern.

See also

Frontend Monoliths: Run if you can!


The frontend monoliths are here! They arrived with the trend to build modern single page applications. Frameworks like Angular and React boosted the growht of these monoliths.

While we were carefully cultivating micro-services in the backend, a new generation of monoliths conquered the frontend. Nobody saw them coming, but they are here now and we don't know how to get rid of them.

Frontend monoliths are obese, slow and prevent any form of agility. It is difficult and expensive to change their behavior. A monolith is tightly coupled to underlying frameworks and libraries which prevents the adoption of new technologies. This is harmful, especially in the frontend ecosystem where technologies change at a unhealthy pace.

The talk shows how frontend monoliths are characterized and how they come into existence. The talk shows different approaches how to get rid of frontend monoliths, even though there is no "silver bullet" or single "best practice" yet. We will have a look at different forms of the mythical "Micro-Frontend".

As an example for an approach to "micro-frontends" we will have a demonstration of the SCION Workbench.

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