Julia Kindelsberger | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Zurich 2019
on Tuesday 19 March

Julia Kindelsberger is a software developer at Oracle Labs, focusing on Graph analytics and graph query languages. Her research includes graph analytics and visualization for various domains such as financial crime and health care.

See also https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliakindelsberger/

Towards Graph-based Machine Learning for Automated Health Care Services


In this presentation, we talk about how we tackle the problem of automatically predicting diagnoses for patients staying in critical care units. To this end, we employ a restricted database comprising of de-identified healthcare data associated with over 40 thousand patients with multiple admissions per patient.

In our approach, we consider four measurements/events as predictive features per admission: fluids into patient, fluids out of the patient, lab test results and drugs prescribed by doctors. These events represent the evolving state of a patient during his stay which is then captured by a graph with different nodes for each event, and the topology and linkage of the graph are evolving as new events arrive. Our final objective is to feed this evolving graph to a Recurrent Neural Network and predict at every step the probability that of one or many of the top-K diagnoses will occur. Our approach shows significant preliminary results as we leverage Graph-based ML techniques to convey relational information from previous admissions of other patients. Hence, we show how the combination of graphs and advanced ML techniques helps pushing automated healthcare at the forefront.

GraalVM & Database Multilingual Engine


GraalVM (Julia): GraalVM is a universal virtual machine for running applications written in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, R, JVM-based languages like Java, Scala, Kotlin, Clojure, and LLVM-based languages such as C and C++. GraalVM removes the isolation between programming languages and enables interoperability in a shared runtime. It can run either standalone or in the context of OpenJDK, Node.js, Oracle DB, or MySQL. With GraalVM you can run Java faster, make your application extensible or create a native image. GraalVM offers a comprehensive ecosystem supporting a large set of languages and running them in different deployment scenarios.

Database Multilingual Engine (Lucas): Writing stored procedures and user-defined extension for the Oracle DB requires both in-depth PL/SQL knowledge and long-year experience. Oracle-MLE amends this situation with an architecture for embedding programming languages in the database using GraalVM. Programming languages built on top of GraalVM can execute in the address space of the Oracle DB processes. This enables a tight coupling with the DB query execution engine that reduces the cost of data exchange with programming languages other than PL/SQL.

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