Tomas Trajan | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Zurich 2019
on Tuesday 19 March

GDE for Angular -

Tomas is a Fullstack Software Engineer with love for frontend and especially Angular. His humble beginnings as a graphic designer can explain his strong affinity for the frontend even though he doesn't shy from complex backends be it nodejs or Java. Originally from Kosice, Slovakia, Angular JS was the technology which enabled him to provide value to the developer teams in Switzerland and eventually travel around the world while working on open source and blogging about the Angular and other frontend technologies. He strives to empower teams he is working with by building tools, introducing best practices and effective work flows...

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How to leverage Angular Schematics to empower Developers of Enterprise Frontend Apps & Libraries [live coding]


In development, we often want to extract reusable parts of logic into self contained libraries. Modern tooling provided by Angular CLI enables us to provide amazing developer experience for the users of our libraries.

Libraries can be added seamlessly, while automating all the necessary setup work. Providing built-in library specific schematics to generate desired code enables us to cut on the learning curve that is needed to get developers productive with our new shiny lib!

This presentation will be in form of live coding in which we explore how we can use Angular Schematics provided out of the box, how to create our own custom schematics and how to integrate them into Angular CLI workspaces.

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