UNB-6844 Eta lang - Haskell On JVM | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Zurich 2019
on Tuesday 19 March

   Eta lang - Haskell On JVM


Programming languages
Programming languages
Intermediate level
Room 6 Tuesday from 14:30 til 15:20

After 20 years of evolution Java Virtual Machine became a real masterpiece of engineering that can easily outperform static compilers in many cases. There are however, lots of issues arising when someone tries to implement purely functional language on the JVM. It was considered particularly hard creating an efficient Haskell implementation for it.

Developers of Eta tried it once again in a little bit different way. We will check how did they manage to solve typical problems like tail call optimizations and what is the overall performance of Eta. We will check how does it compare to GHC (Haskell).

We will also consider a few examples, where the business logic is written in Haskell/Eta, but the middle-ware and other components are in Java. We analyze various approaches when it makes sense and how does it compare to the pure Java/Haskell implementations.

Maybe your next JVM language will be Haskell!

Haskell   functional programming language   microbenchmarking  
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Jarek Ratajski
Jarek Ratajski
From Engenius GmbH

Jarek Ratajski - Java Developer since 1999

I love programming since my first line of code I did on the C64 in Basic. Somewhere in 90ties I've switched from C++ to java and spent then almost 20 Years developing mostly Java software working for various companies and projects.  Now I work for Engenius in Switzerland being Java/Kotlin developer during the days and Scala/Haskell open source hacker at nights.

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